Acrylic Landscape

Fall Colours

One of my favorite places to travel is Ontario in the fall. I love the golden colours of the trees; the reds and the oranges that you can only find in Ontario fill me with inspiration. I have spent many hours enjoying autumn, and painting my passion.


Ireland Series

In September 2012 I had an opportunity to travel to Ireland with two other artist friends. We rented a quaint cottage on Bere Island, Cork County, off the coast of Castletownbere. It is an island that had virtually missed most of the advances of the 20th Century, with a small population of 200 people, virtually no services and lots of sheep. I loved every minute. We dodged rain showers to paint plein aire, and learned to respect the drivers on the narrow hedgerow-lined roads in the country.

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California Series

California has been a second home for me.  I have traveled there at least once a year for the last 35 years, having had the good fortune of living there in the late 70’s. Although I have not painted many scenes from this part of the world, the landscape is so beautiful, and there are so many paintings to be done. I just need to find more painting time.

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Newfoundland Series

September 2013  I traveled through parts of Newfoundland; a first visit for me.  This trip inspired me on many levels. I loved the rugged landscape, the charming houses, and the people that were full of life, music and laughter.

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Alberta Series

I find the diversity of the Alberta landscape to be a great challenge as a painter. The mountains, the prairies, the foothills, the cities and the people as well as the constantly changing weather all offer an endless variety of landscapes to paint.

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B.C. Series

B.C. is equally diverse in it’s landscape as Alberta. As I begin my Paint Canada journey I begin in BC and hope to capture some of the essence of this great province in my work.

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Prince Edward Island Series 

P.E.I. is a lovely pastoral island, unique because of its red dirt. The rolling hills of the countryside are dotted with white clapboard churches, victorian style farmhouses, community halls and potato fields. The beaches are endless, and all along the coastline there are many lighthouses to view. In June the lobster season is exciting, the harbours are busy with activity. The fresh seafood is delicious made more special by the hospitality of the locals.  June is also the lupin season, and while locals might find the ‘ditch’ flower annoying, the colour of the purple, blue and pink flowers is magical.

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I love to travel to paint, and when I travel for travel’s sake I am inspired to paint. I am embarking on a Paint Canada journey; I began this past November, 2013 on Vancouver Island, and have recently spent June 2014 on Prince Edward Island. I will add more images and galleries as I go.